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I Wish I Had Back Surgery Sooner, It Changed My Life

When I came to see Dr. McCord, I was suffering from severe pain in my right leg as well as numbness in my feet. I had had surgery in 2010 to repair three discs and was cut in the front the first day and the back the third day. Unfortunately, I developed a problem with the disc directly above my previous surgery. Dr. McCord repaired that disc laterally and the next day did some maintenance on the original surgery removing some of the metal which he thought might also be causing me some additional problems. As a result of my surgery, I can now walk normally, I have no pain, and my

range of motion seems somewhat better. The most difficult tasks I seem to have is putting my socks on, and picking up items that are flat on the floor like a piece of paper. The treatment from Dr. McCord and his staff has been great. It is a difficult surgery and painful at first. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. McCord whenever the opportunity arises. 03/23/2015

Full range of motion is back. Some tightness after sitting for periods of time or sleeping. Best thing is to walk. I can bend, lift, jump, work out. Sometimes I feel a sensation on the left side of my lower back. I get "stuck" if I get into a crouched position – it takes a few seconds to straighten and stand up. Still feel like each day is a little better. I wish I had the procedure sooner – it has changed my life – no pain. 08/31/2015

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