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If You Think Your Life Is Over, There is Hope

When I first come to see Dr. McCord, I thought that I was lost forever, and not being able to deal with pain and life, but after surgery I'm a brand new man. Life is great. Not only did I get my life back, but my family as well. I'm just so grateful for Dr. McCord and all his staff. I thank God every day for finding him, and he does wonderful work. Dr. McCord, I want to thank you for giving me my life back. Thanks, and God bless you and your team.

If someone thinks their life is over because of their back, please let Dr. McCord check you, and his great team show you that there is hope. I promise you there is. 06/24/2015

My neck pain was bad. I couldn't turn my neck or bend it down. Now, after my surgery it's great. Dr. McCord you're awesome. Thank you for everything. 01/08/2019

When I came to Dr. McCord about my lower back, it was bad. I had gotten covered up in the mines. I'd had one surgery on my lower back, it was horrible, but after Dr. McCord did the surgery, it is so much better. I truly know he is my angel.

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