Pain Overall Better, Sex Life Improving

I have lived with chronic low back pain and muscle spasms for over 20 years. I had four prior back surgeries from 1995 to 2000. The pain and spasms had a tremendous effect on my quality of life. I was unable to sit, stand, or maintain the same body position for long periods of time. Daily household tasks, yard tasks, and sporting events were very difficult for me, and I frequently took pain medicine, muscle relaxers, and had to take frequent breaks between activities just to maintain some quality of life. On June 1, 2013, my wife and I were in a truck accident and my back condition was severely aggravated. My pain and muscle spasms were unbearable. I was in constant pain and was unable to get any relief. I had very poor quality of life and had to lie in bed more frequently. After the accident, I had more frequent muscle spasms. During this time, the pain medicine and muscle relaxers provided little relief. From June to October 2013, I was treated by a neurologist and a

pain management physician, and I received little relief. My pain was out of control and my back was consistently "locking up" and having muscle spasms. The spasms and numbness extended down my right leg. The pain management physician gave me a series of lumbar injections with no success. I was in constant pain! A friend referred me to Dr. McCord, and my initial visit was in October 2013. Dr. McCord did my surgery on February 4 and 6, 2014. I am still in the healing phase, but my back pain is much better, and my spine seems to be straighter. I am able to stand taller and my pain is manageable. I still have some pain in my back and left leg, but the pain is not unbearable like it was before. My tasks are somewhat limited, but I can do more activities than before. I can't do active sports like basketball or drive long distances, but my overall quality of life is much better. A special thank you to Dr. McCord for doing such a good job! 03/28/2014

The initial truck accident in June 2013 aggravated my back condition, and I had constant excruciating pain in my lower back that extended down my right leg along with frequent muscle spasms. Since the surgery, my back pain is much better. I am still limited in my daily tasks, but my back pain is manageable. However, I am still having numbness, tingling, and sporadic spams in my left leg since the removal of the bone marrow from my upper thigh area. Consequently, long periods of standing, sitting, or walking causes soreness in my lower back. Periodically, the pain and tingling in my left leg wakes me up and prevents me from sleeping through the night. I frequently have to get out of bed and walk through the house at night to get relief in my left leg. The muscle relaxers (Robaxin) help with the soreness in my left leg but does not relieve the tingling in my leg. 08/11/2014

Overall, my back and legs feel better since the second surgery. Before surgery I had consistent chronic pain in my lower back that extended into both legs. I also had frequent muscle spasms in the lower back and in the left leg. Sometimes the pain and spasms rotated from one leg to the other. I also had numbness in the left leg (i.e. bone marrow removed during surgery #1), spasms, and a "stinging" sensation in the left leg. Sometimes the pain in the left leg and lower back (prior to second surgery) was so severe that it would wake me up at night. Prior to surgery #2 my quality of life suffered severely: 1. Couldn't walk, sit, or stand for long periods of times. 2. Could not do light chores. 3. Affected my sex life. After the second surgery, my back pain and leg pain are more manageable. I still hurt, but I am better able to control my pain. I can do light indoor and outdoor tasks, but I have to take frequent rest breaks (i.e. can't exert myself too much). Sometimes if I overexert myself, I tend to have pain and spasms in back and legs. My walking is better, but I can't overexert myself. Also, my sex life is improving. I am able to drive, but

I can't drive long distances. I still take pain medicine and muscle relaxers as needed for the pain and spasms in my left leg. Sometimes I get up at night to relieve the numbness in my left leg. The right leg is not as sore even though bone marrow was taken from the right leg in the second surgery. I try to walk as much as I can and try not to do too much to ensure that my surgery holds up pretty good. 09/21/2015

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