Laser Surgery Didn't Work, Now Reducing Meds

My current status as of 9/3/14 with recovery from back surgery performed by Dr. David McCord at the end of February 2014. I am not pain free, and do not expect to be due to age, wear and tear and arthritis, etc. I have been on pain meds for over a year now and have become addicted to hydromorphone. When I stop taking the hydromorphone, I have strong physical and mental withdraw issues. The reason I'm stating this is that it creates a situation where I don't know what I would really feel like without the pain meds, because I have not been able to go more than four days without the pain meds and I feel absolutely lousy the whole time. I'm scheduled to go to a clinic to help me stop the pain meds. With this known I can state how I feel and what I believe. The center three toes and just behind them on my right foot has been numb since the first fusion surgery done by Laser Spine Institute and continue to be numb. There is mild pain in the local area of the surgery at the lower back. I believe this to be probably normal with healing, stretching and tearing with physical movement. There is what I call a pinch area on the right side of the repair area. At certain times when I twist, stretch, or take a large step on that side, there will be moderate pain that feels like something is pinched and this will gradually diminish over hours. When I walk a mile or stand for extended periods the lower area of the front thighs will still get numb. This is improving because the area that goes numb is getting smaller and the area also used to burn. To stoop at a counter, such as washing dishes, quickly becomes very painful. To sit upright in a normal chair, such as sitting at a desk, will slowly start to irritate the lower back. I have limited movement bending over to full curl, especially to the left. Pulling on boots is a problem. Once I am off the pain meds, if I don't feel any worse than I do now while using them and I get the rest of my body back into good shape, I will be happy with the results of the surgery. 09/03/2014

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