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Less Pain, Dr. McCord Continually Helps

Before surgery I had right shoulder pain, pain in my neck, and down both arms. Since surgery I don't have as much pain in my shoulders and more movement in my neck. The numbness (down my arms and in hands) hasn't gotten better yet, but hopefully it will. I still have pain in my neck, but I hope taking an anti-inflammatory will help and something for my arthritis. Dr. McCord has been a great doctor. He has helped me every way he can. 08/29/2014

Dr. McCord was a big help all the way through my surgeries. He gave me information on exercises and things to do postop to heal properly. He did all my surgeries and helped to fix my neck and back. I'm having problems with my muscles in my neck and back, and he is helping me to get those issues better. 01/12/2017

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