Life is Great, Returned to All Routines

To Whom It May Concern: I write this as a testament to the dramatic and drastic measures taken to improve my quality of life. Every day basic care needs were major battles to consider undertaking. Often, my mental, physical, and emotional well-being discouraged such daily attempts because of excruciating and long-lasting chronic pain. Needless to say, my quality of life couldn't have been worse. However, today is a new beginning to a fantastic happy pain-free lifestyle. Things I've not been able to do in years are absolutely easy tasks I can complete without assistance! Am so, so, so comfortable in movements and positions previously unattempted. I was able to travel six hours in a car to my son's college graduation!!! My recovery has progressed speedily and consistent each day. I am able to live without my husband's assistance in dressing myself, housework, shopping, travel, pet care, etc. But attending my son's graduation from Mississippi State University (with honors) was a dream come true! I love my life, my surgeon Dr. David McCord, his staff – Marney, Robin, and Dr. Riva, Connie are just a couple of his team that aided me in my long road to recovery. I appreciate everyone greatly who have changed me into the happy and well person today. I wish more patients could have the same services! In great appreciation. 05/30/2014

Life is great! I am completely happy and able to return to ALL of my daily routines and exercise. Confidence is back and plan to resume travel in six months to Germany. Resumed all activities that had ceased before surgery such as housework, cooking, yardwork, and painting!! I thank Dr. McCord and so does my family!! The staff has been so kind throughout my recovery. They listened, encouraged, and quickly returned my calls. 01/03/2019

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