Lifting, Carrying, and Chewing Better

Symptoms following MVA (05/07/2014), I was having excruciating pain (headaches, neck, shoulders, upper back down to lower back) with lots of numbness, tingling, and burning sensation overall (shoulders, arms, neck, upper back to lower back). I was off balance, leaning to right, stumbling to stand and walk. I had lots of jaw pain when chewing, throat pain when swallowing, neck pain and spasms when talking, singing, laughing, etc. It was difficult and painful to use my arms and hands. I could not sleep, drive, exercise, too much pain all over. After (ACDF) I have relief in neck region, shoulders. My movement has improved (neck and head region), but I still have soreness and tenderness in my neck and shoulders, upper back. My hands and wrists still hurt with excess use.

I still have to sleep with cervical collar to support and sustain neck. I move better but cannot overdo lifting, pulling, carrying items. I have tenderness in shoulders while driving (handling the steering wheel). My chewing and swallowing have improved. I can hold light weights (5 pounds). I still have numbness in mid-lower back to feet, and pain when standing, walking prolonged times (15 minutes or more). Painful to write too long. 01/15/2015

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