Lost Weight, Sleeping Better, Working Some

Good: No more pain wrapping around my waist and into my testicles. No more chronic pain in my left knee and left hip. I am able to walk comfortably for moderate distances (two to three miles). I have been able to sleep on my stomach, which I haven't done in about five years. I have been able to return to work on a limited basis. I have lost 35 pounds.

Bad: Still have pain in my lower back. Still have pain while sitting. I have difficulty driving.

Moving my legs gives me low back pain. I have pain and cramping in my left calf, hamstring, and glute. I have multiple types of pain in my left leg such as burning, shooting, tingling, and aching/throbbing. Sometimes I lose feeling in the bottom of my left foot. My flexibility has been reduced especially with bending/squatting. When sitting, I have pain while breathing and during bowel movements.

Overall, I feel I have traded one set of symptoms for a different set of symptoms. Some of my symptoms have been alleviated, while others have been intensified. I am trying to stay optimistic and positive in hopes that time will heal the areas in my lower back that are still giving me problems. 07/17/2015

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