Mowing Grass, Walking, Becoming a New Person

I feel good, better than before the surgery. I have mowed the lawn, therapy in pool, walked, been bending, and have only had problems with putting on my right shoe and sock. Thank you to Dr. McCord and staff, and the staff at Southern Hills Hospital not only for the care given to me and my family, but also the clean environment. I am looking forward to a normal life. 09/20/2013

I definitely feel #### is improving on a weekly basis. Mowing the grass, walking, and various other activities. I personally feel his quality of life when all is healed and with time, he will be a new person. I am looking forward to the new pain free ###, and a special thank you to Dr. David McCord and his staff for everything, and also, the wonderful experience we had at Southern Hills Hospital. If we can just get the negativity of past experiences out of his mind and looking for a bright future, it will be awesome! 09/20/2013

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