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My Entire Family Sees The Difference of Me Pain-Free


Before my surgery I was in pain 95% of the time. I could not walk any distance. The only way I could sit was if knees was level with my rear. Now I can walk without pain, sitting is easy, no pain. Have not had pain pill in 6 weeks. The only bad thing is no sex but that might be a numbers trouble. Thanks for job well done.


Before surgery I could not sleep, walk, sit, or do very limited odd jobs. I was in such pain I could not sit through a funeral service or a church service. I could only drive short mileage trips 10 or 15 miles. Since surgery I am able to walk, hunt, sleep, sit, and drive without pain. This year I have worked on my lawn mower, and I have planted a good amount of plants and seed in my garden, and plan on doing more.


Before back and neck surgery life was living hell with pain and not being able to do simple tasks. Walking was difficult, sitting long enough to eat, I could only drive for short distances, and I could not sit through a church service or funeral service. After back surgery, I have been able to work in my garden, mow grass. Now I am able to sleep, sit, and drive for periods of time. It has been 6 weeks since neck surgery and things continue to improve.

Since ****'s surgery last June 18 I have noticed a great change in his movement and things he can do. Unless a person had seen him prior to June 18 they have not idea what a difference I see. I have been married to him almost 46 years and have been there for all he has been through. I wish we had known of Dr. McCord along time ago and maybe the other surgeries wouldn't have been necessary. When our grown children comment on the difference in the last year I don't see how anyone could question what was done.

Before ****'s back surgery he couldn't do anything to help at home or do anything with our grandchildren. Since his back surgery he can take part in our family gatherings and enjoy being with us. Before, we spent many in doctors offices taking shots and medicines that didn't help. Dr. McCord was able to do work on his back that helped give me my husband back and improve our family life. If the surgery had not been done I believe **** would have been bedridden or worse today. In one year since Dr. McCord operated he has done better than all the years of surgery and shots that had been done. 11/21/2014

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