Neck & Back Pain Gone, My Life Has Changed, Very Thankful

I had back pain beginning with my back "going out" for two weeks when I was 18 years old. I'm now 41 years old and the last 10 years I had gone downhill with pain becoming more and more severer and my mobility decreased. The past two years my mobility had become almost nonexistent due to back pain, burning that went through lower ack and down my legs, and muscle spasms in my lower back. I could hardly stan din my home to cook, shower, or do anything. So, I stopped and resigned to sitting on the sofa or being in bed. I had tried to get help many times before but for years I was just run around in circles it seemed. I've been going to Dr. McCord maybe close to a year now, I think. Epidural injections and nerve blocks didn't work, and I had surgery. Now, I stand and walk. Currently, I'm in no pain. I have a lot of aching in my left leg and ankle and some in my right leg and ankle, but it feels like nerves are trying to regenerate perhaps, and muscle aches from going from a mostly sedentary lifestyle to walking and standing! I have

some residual pain in my hips from having bone removed for my surgery, but it is doing much better. I'm currently about seven to eight weeks postop and doing great! I know my body is going to need time to heal from the years of back issues and sedentary lifestyle. Currently, I feel very positive about the outcome of surgery, and I've begun to swim at the rec center and do things to improve my surgery outcome! These also temporarily help with pain management (the pool and hot tub) and stretches. The pain medicine and muscle relaxer is still enabling me to sleep better and taking the edge off of the pain I have while my body heals and I work to get back to where I used to be physically. Note: I had viral genital herpes that caused a lot of pain. This lasted approximately six to seven weeks. It comes out on my lower back. I was afraid with surgery that the virus would be a real issue for the back incision. It was but I was able to work through the pain and I'm

glad that is over. The pain from the virus was actually the excruciating pain! Thank you so much to Dr. McCord and his wonderful staff. I feel like I am getting my life back. 08/31/2015

I had surgery on my neck due to intense pain for the last six to seven years. Turning my neck was a problem and oftentimes I was unable to turn my neck for three to four months at a time. The back of my head felt like someone hit me very hard. The pain would be in the entire back of my head and in my neck and shoulders. Nothing made the pain better. My balance and ability to drive were affected. Taking a shower and getting dressed was affected. I could only lay down and support my head with a pillow to take a little weight off. I was miserable. I also had aching down my left arm into my hand, stabbing pain in the center of my left hand, and throbbing and numbness in ends of

my fingers. Since the surgery, everything is so much better. I'm still recovering (it's been almost three months). My muscles are getting stronger, and my nerves are healing. I have not had the pain issues like before. I can turn my head and use my left arm and hand. I have not had the severe pain in the neck and back of my head since! Since my lower back surgery and my neck surgery, my life has changed so much for the better, and I am so thankful. 03/01/2016

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