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No More Constant Pain, Stronger, Walking

From 06/20/2016 and 06/22/2016 to today overall I believe the surgeries have helped. I do not have the constant pain in my lower back as I did before 06/2016. With P.T. I feel that my back is stronger. I'm able to walk 2 miles a day, cut my yard, drive at times, although prior to the 06/20/2016 surgery I was stronger in my right leg, but since it has become the weaker one. I am experiencing numbness in right foot that's concerning me. Nerve pain down my right leg from hip down. Some days the nerve pain and numbness prevents me from driving. With it being my driving foot, I just don't trust it. Mentally it is affecting me, anxiety, depression. I'm having to accept that I might be at the limit of my healing with this numbness and nerve pain, but I will continue to do what I can as long as I can. 10/03/2017

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