No More Incontinence, Back to a Normal Life

I was in extreme pain before surgery in December 2013 and couldn't walk or stand for a few minutes at a time. Now, the pain is better. I can walk and stand for longer periods now. I still have left foot pain and pain in lower left back when up or walking for more than a few minutes. I just wanted to be sure that after I fell that I hadn't damaged something that was fixed. Fibromyalgia pain in muscles gets severe at times, but overall back is better than before surgery. 06/06/2014

Since surgery I have been able to stand and walk for longer periods of time. If I do too much, I still have days that limits my activities, but it has gotten much better. I hope to be able to do more and more as time goes by. Also, I have not had the incontinence issues that I was having before surgery. 09/11/2018

I'm doing so much better. If I tend to overdo one day, I will have issues two days after. Since I have had Lyme disease, nerve issues have been bad. Dr. McCord has truly helped me get back to at least a more normal way of life. I used to have incontinence issues, and since this last surgery that has gotten so much better to nonexistent anymore. 10/30/2018

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