No More Lumbar Pressure or Headaches

I feel like everything since the surgery has went great. Since then, I am free of the severe headaches I used to have. I am able to sit and concentrate on the task at hand without the worry of when the pain will start again. All questions I have had about pain I still experience have been answered and I feel like everything will get better from here. I am experiencing pain in shoulder blade that I hope will stop after healing more. 09/20/2016

Since surgery my back pain/pressure that I was experiencing is pretty much gone. I used to have intense pressure in lower back that is gone. I have some pain in hip area from surgery but believe hopefully it will go away in time as well. I feel like if it continues, I am still in the best hands to fix ongoing problems with Dr. McCord and his wonderful nurses by my side. 10/05/2017

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