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No More Numbness, Washing Cars & Mowing

I am surprised with the results compared to the other two operations.


Before surgery I had two failed operations and in a lot of pain. Dr. McDonald at Deaconess Hospital Pain Center gave me meds plus blocks that helped for a while but stopped. I also had physical therapy and did exercises. When all stopped working, I decided to have this surgery. My life was not too good. After surgery, I have feeling in my fingertips, and hands don't go to sleep at night. I still have some pain in the top of my neck on both sides mainly in the morning and before I go to sleep. I have resumed my daily chores – yardwork, cleaning dock, and boats – washing cars. Sometimes I have pain in my shoulders from this. Don't know if I'm overdoing it or not. I still take my pain meds and have talked to Dr. McDonald about cutting them. He said he would when Dr. McCord said I was healed enough to start. Today on my visit he said I could start, so when I go back, I will tell him. I am surprised with the results compared to the other two operations.


Before February 2014, I was in a lot of pain, had trouble walking (still have some but I think it's due to my lower back now). Today I still have some pain in my neck and head also left hand will go to sleep and in my back, it feels like cardboard between my skin. All in all, I think I'm doing better since the operation. Don't know what to do about my lower back. Going to have blocks done to see if it will help. Regarding my left arm, the strength is a lot better in my grip. Don't know why it goes to sleep every now and then. Like I said, all in all if it weren't for my lower back things would be pretty good.

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