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No More Pain, Very Active & Happy

I had some problems since 1997 – after 2nd surgery with nerve pinch but no fusion. I went to work part-time job feeling bothering me a lot with uncomfortable move my neck side/up/down. USPS lay me off because I couldn't go back to regular job. I retired. I had seen doctors in Colorado Spring for third surgery. One of them said no. I married my second husband. Moving to Nashville, he encouraged me to find one – found you able to do surgery. After third surgery I noticed that I feel so relieved pain/uncomfortable gone. My arms, too. I can exercise better. Thanks to Dr. McCord for returning me back as regular person again. 09/25/2015

I was coming in here to discuss about my problems with my back pain on/off depending on activities. I always stopped activities after back pain on right side and waited to get it feeling less, then back to activities. It still was on/off. After surgery I felt better a few weeks later. Continue walking every morning/evening. Also errands in household, avoid bed/sitting too much. I noticed no pain sharp in my back, continuing with my exercise. No more pain sharp!! I feel so happy! I will continue to increase my activities more like Zumba, yoga, swimming, walking on tours. 11/01/2016

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