No More Painkillers for Neck Pain

My neck was very bad before the surgery. Both sides of my neck were painful, and it was not very sturdy. I had numbness in two fingers of left hand and thumb along with burning sensation. Now, my neck feels more steady, and the numbness and burning in my fingers and thumb seems to be gone. The only burning I have is when my neck gets tired. I lay down for a little while and it goes away. The burning by the irritated nerves has lessened immensely. 11/30/2015

I feel I'm doing better. I am able to stand up straight and walk without my cane. There is still some throbbing in my hips and back (right) side, but I have been able to take non-aspirin to help. 02/12/2016

I feel so much better after this last surgery. My aching in the hip, down the leg to the foot is pretty much gone. I'm working on remembering to straighten completely. My muscles have a slight weakness from being bent over for so many years so I'm doing the stretching and bending exercises to strengthen them. Getting the muscles to stretch out will take a little work, but all in all I feel good! I'm working on the leg stretches to strengthen the weakness at the tops of my legs. I'm increasing my walking and that has been helping too! I can take the stairs in my home more easily.

I may need to use muscle relaxers once in a while until the muscles are stronger, but feel I no longer need the pain killers. I feel so much better after all the work Dr. McCord has done on me to make me walk better. I would give a recommendation to anyone that asks about Dr. McCord. I have actually already done so. Thanks so much for the help! 08/29/2017

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