No More Paralysis or Numbness, Walking Far

Before surgery I was dragging my right leg, which felt as if it had a weight tied to it. Was not able to walk very far without pain (very bad). On occasions leg had no feeling, could not walk at all. Now, I am able to walk without the heaviness I felt in my leg. I am not dragging my leg anymore, and I can walk further without the pains I had before. Back pain is not as bad as it was, and leg does not tingle or pain as much or as bad while standing or sitting as it did before. Still have some back pain but not as severe. Thanks, Dr. McCord. 03/29/2016

I am much better since surgery. I am able to walk much better, as well as walk father than I have in years. I still have some pain, stiffness, and soreness in my lower back, but it is not as severe as before. I know I'm not completely healed yet and these symptoms will subside. Left leg is a bit weak still. All in all, I am so much better. Oh yeah, and no more paralysis or numbness in legs and feet. 07/07/2016

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