No More Wheelchairs, Now Able to Walk and Drive

Shrice Shimwell had several degenerative discs so painful she was in a wheelchair. After several surgeries, she can now walk and drive pain-free and drug-free

Running five days a week after back surgery

I’m Sharice Shimwell, I’m from Guthrie, KY. I highly recommend Dr. David McCord, for the simple reason of he’s one of a few who has the patience and understanding of a person who cannot move around without any assistance. In the beginning when I saw him in August of 1991, when he first came to Nashville. He didn’t really think I would ever be able to continue to walk. My doctor back in Russellville KY, who’s deceased now, she recommended me to Dr. McCord. And I’ve been proud and glad that I made that decision to do so. As you can see I have no walker, no wheelchair, no cane. And it’s because of his support that I had, and still do. It’s been six weeks that I had my last surgery on my neck.

Unfortunately my body rejected three of these screws, only last year that they were put in. But my body rejected them, my neck started sinking in so bad, that I could put my fingers in my neck, that’s how deep my neck kept sinking in. In a two week period, from the time I saw Dr. McCord from a procedure I had done... he couldn’t believe how much it was sinking in. But he knew something needed to be done, and he took care of it. I am proud to say I have a smooth neck now, which I can hold up. I can turn and look to my right, I can look over my right shoulder, and do the same with my left.

When I was driving prior to surgery, which I did not realize my mother and a friend I was turning my entire body to look over my shoulder when backing up. But since surgery of January this year, I do not have to depend on anybody again. It’s all because of the help, support and faith of Dr. McCord.

In August of 1991, Dr. McCord did surgery on my lumbar region, the lower back. And I had a herniated disc. He described it as a hot dog that had blown up in the microwave. They tried physical therapy with me. My mother had to do all the driving for me, I got to the point where I couldn’t try. Muscle spasms in both legs of my feet, I was drawing up, no control over them. It got to the point where I was in a wheelchair, because walking 12 feet I would fall. It just got to where I couldn’t walk.

I couldn't drive. Then I was in a wheelchair, because walking 12 feet I would fall.

My doctor back in Russellville ran several tests on me. Dr. McCord did the first surgery on me after that. Then he did surgery on my again in December of 1993. He caged my entire lumbar, all of it. And I haven’t had any problems with it. No problem driving, whatsoever. No problems walking. Trying to keep up with my mother, that’s another story.

I don’t have the sharp pain that I was having. I couldn’t believe how good I could sleep without taking pain medicine. I’m against that, because of so many reactions I had. I think in 2003 Dr. McCord did another surgery on my neck then. Altogether he has done 5 surgeries on my neck since 1993. Each time I was a little more better prior to the surgery.

I was you to know that Dr. McCord is not one of these people that wants to take a knife after you. He wants to know every little thing about you. The pain, the suffering, the inconvenience to your family, your lifestyle. He is one who sits down and listens. He makes you feel you’re the only person that he has today, no matter how many are out in the waiting room. Just knowing that you can talk to him, I’ve got this problem I’m not sure about, I don’t know what to do. He’s willing to listen.

To give you an example, prior to this last surgery, I got bit by a blister beetle on the back of my leg. I went to the hospital for a pre-op. Now tell me how many doctors prior to surgery, would even bother to come over and check it out. How many doctors would take the time when they got so many procedures to do? He wanted to see if this bite would have any effect on the surgery. Little things like that will stay with you and give you the confidence knowing he’s there for you.

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