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Not Watching Life Go By Anymore, Great Bedside Manner

Before my surgeries on 08/15/14 and 08/18/14 I considered my life as being pretty much of poor quality. I constantly hurt, no matter what I done. After using bed rest to ease my pain, I quickly realized I was tired of hurting and watching my life go by. I knew I needed to have surgery. I couldn't keep putting it off. Now since my surgery I still have minor pain, but nothing compared to what I was feeling! My back feels so much better now! As a matter of fact, my back feels awesome! I want to thank you, Dr. McCord, for everything that you've done for me and my family. You and your staff have given me a new start and a brighter outlook for my future! I love you all! One more thing, I absolutely love your bedside manner! You are laid back and always made me feel comfortable. I love the fact that you have a compassionate and merciful nature. God bless you! 10/18/2014

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