Numbness & Pain Better, Much Less Medication

I feel the surgery was a success! No numbness in arms and hands! I have numbness on left part of left neck and shoulder. It is almost gone. Because of my back I had to get out and walk a few times. I have numbness in left leg and foot three middle toes. Sometimes I feel like there is a nail sticking me on the left side from the inside out. 07/19/2016

Before my surgery my back was hurting bad. My surgery helped tremendously. I'm doing much better. Next time bone is harvested, please don't. Harvest from waistline. 12/06/2016

Last year I had a staph infection that settled in my legs. I fell often. During a fall, I cracked a vertebra. Went into hospital 12/27/2017 for surgery. I had three surgeries in nine days. Dr. Garza and Dr. McCord did a good job on my back. I can walk much better now. Haven't taken any Percocet in over three weeks! I haven't felt this good it seems in a long time. The only postop meds I'm taking is Zanaflex and Tylenol. I can walk 25 minutes! 02/15/2018

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