Other Doctors Said to "live with it", Dr. McCord Fixed it

Dr. McCord did surgery on me the 13th and 15th of June 2016. I was in bad shape when I came to him. I had a bad back. Had surgery in 2014 in Birmingham, AL by another surgeon and got messed up. I found Dr. McCord, and God blessed me that day. Dr. McCord fixed me up and I will be grateful to him as long as I live. He is a gifted doctor in his field and a wonderful friend. Thanks, Dr. McCord, you saved my life. 07/26/2016

Dr. McCord did surgery on my back and stomach June 13th and 15th, 2016, and when I came to him to schedule surgery, I asked him if he could fix my drop foot that I have had since 2014 from a doctor that messed my foot up due to back surgery in 2014 and damaged a nerve ending. I was told by several doctors that it could not be fixed, that I would have to live with it. I asked Dr. McCord if he thought he could fix it, and he said he thought he could. It has been six months since surgery and my foot is 90 percent cured. I was not able to wear but one pair of shoes before surgery and now I can wear all my shoes and walk. I am so happy with the results. 01/05/2017

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