Our Lives Have Really Changed After Pain & Depression

To Whom It May Concern: Wow! Where do I begin to tell our story? For the past 20 years, my husband ***** has suffered from degenerative disc disease in his back. He had struggled daily with severe pain and depression and physical activity had been very limited. The last six months has truly changed our lives! A special note of thanks to Dr. **** for referring us to a wonderful surgeon, Dr. David McCord in Nashville. Our first visit he informed us that he could fix my husband's problem with spinal cage surgery and correct the scoliosis. As great as that was, our fears were almost dashed when our insurance company refused to pay, and we felt there was no way we could pay for the surgery needed. Dr. McCord and his staff refused to give up on us and literally went to bat for us! After many tears and lots of prayers from friends and loved ones too, I feel God and Dr. McCord worked it all out for us! The surgery was scheduled for June 11th at Baptist Hospital! We were so excited and truly amazed! What is even more amazing, and a miracle indeed was that even though the assisting doctor suffered a last-minute injury, Dr. McCord agreed to still do the surgery at Tri-Star Southern Hills Medical Center! Even the same day! What a caring, terrific hospital it was. My husband and I were there a total of 8 days, and he underwent three surgeries in one week!

The hospital staff loved and cared for us every minute. They were efficient and took care of us in a beautiful way and became our "angels". Dr. McCord kept us informed every step of the way and even came on the weekend to check on us! Here we are 6 months later, and we will have not paid a penny from our pockets – the insurance has been prompt to pay! So that has eased our worries! I can honestly say I am thrilled with *****'s progress. He has completed 5 weeks of physical therapy! He is truly happier, has less pain and much more movement! My daughter, ****, 19, has noticed a big change and enjoys her visits home from college and actually spends quality time with her father! The future looks much brighter! Thanks to Dr. McCord, his nurses and staff who continue to take care of us! 11/06/2013

Before I had the surgery I hurt so bad, Dr. McCord & staff were great. The surgery was great. I feel a lot better now. A special thanks to Dr. McCord and Southern Hills hospital. The staff were with me most of the time. The nurses were great. Dr. McCord is very special & if I were to get that surgery, he'd be the one. The surgery was badly needed. I would recommend Dr. McCord & Southern Hills. On a scale of 1 (bad) to 10 (good), I'm an 8 right now but I'm in therapy & it helps a lot.

For several years I've had problems with my back. I had x-rays done, but no help. Dr. ***** sent me to Dr. McCord, which he took an MRI and discovered my spine was crooked. He said I needed surgery. His office workers worked to get the insurance to pay, which I appreciate. Dr. McCord has the best bedside manners of any doctors I ever met. He took good care of me. I spent 8 days in Southern Hills Hospital. They too were very nice to me and took care of me. Good People. I would recommend Dr. McCord & hospital to anyone who needs help. 11/06/2013

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