Overall Better, Less Medications

Before Surgery: Was having a hard time with neck pain and stiffness. No activity with others. Stayed in bed most of the time. After Surgery: At first in lots of pain and stiffness. Now: Having little neck pain and mild muscle back pain. Migraines have lessened some but still having some intense ones, but fewer than before. Still have some shoulder stiffness and muscle spasms but getting better. I have decreased my pain meds drastically. I am trying to get off Oxycontin completely before end of this year. Overall: I am doing lots better. Thank you. 12/09/2015

Before Surgery: Pain radiated to both hands (pinky and ring fingers on both hands). Also, pain radiated to both shoulder blades. My pain was on a scale of 6. I had migraines at 20 days a month that were on the scale of 7. I had sharp pain in my neck at all times. After Surgery: My migraines have been pretty much gone. I have about two headaches that are about on the scale of about a 2. My pain level is about a 4 to 5. I can't move my neck much like before. I have problems swallowing food and drinking anything. Also, my chest hurts when I cough. 01/07/2020

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