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Pain-Free After 25 Years, No More Pain Meds

I had my right leg numb and loss of feeling, and when I met Dr. McCord I was really impressed, and I was so glad to have had the surgery. I can do things I could not do for over 20 years. I can walk better, and I don't have to take pain pills. I feel great all over as a young 20-year-old. Thanks, Dr. McCord, love ya, and have referred others. 08/23/2016

Since my surgery my headaches and burning sensation in my head have completely disappeared and regained ROM in neck. My arms are stronger. Overall, 100% difference than before surgery. 05/08/2018

I came to see Dr. McCord because I was having problems walking with my right leg. Dr. McCord did surgery on my lumbar spine and now I'm pain free and can walk without any problems now. I can even feel the inside of my right leg, which I had not for 25+ years. 01/28/2020

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