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Pain-Free After Failed Back Surgery

Before I had surgery, my lower back was in constant pain. I had a previous surgery on my back, which was unsuccessful and left me with more pain than I had previously. Someone recommended Dr. McCord. I had an appointment with him and decided to have another surgery. The results were much better than I ever expected! After eight months, my acute pain is completely gone. I could tell an immediate relief after Dr. McCord performed surgery on me. I can now do normal activities with no pain. I am so happy and pleased with the results!! I am very flexible, can touch my toes, bend side to side, etc. I can now lift reasonably heavy objects. I am so glad I had the second surgery by Dr. McCord. 08/12/2014

The stabbing pain went away after this surgery, but I had a lot of pain in the left side of my back and going down my left leg. It has been six weeks since my surgery and my back has begun to feel some better. I am very glad that I had the surgery on my back even though I had to have more than one surgery. I am now standing straight, and the pain is much less in my back. 08/17/2015

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