Pain Free Now & Lost 30lbs!

Before I had surgery my life was a mess. I actually had no life! Due to my back hurting constantly, I was basically homebound and stayed in bed. Now after the surgery I have no back pain and I can do anything I want to. Life is back!! I am so happy Dr. McCord was referred to me and he was able to give me my life back. Thank you, Dr. McCord!! I can go shopping now and play with my grandchildren. Now, I will be able to enjoy the trip to Cabo in May with my husband. Thank you again!! 03/10/2014

Doing great since surgery. I can now do anything I want to do without back pain. Before surgery I could barely get through grocery shopping. Telling everyone I know with back problems – see Dr. McCord!! Thank you, it has changed my whole outlook on life! Plus, I have lost 30 pounds because I am active again. 07/25/2014

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