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Pain Gone Immediately After Surgery

Prior to surgery I was uncomfortable at all times and in pain most of the time. No matter how I positioned myself I could not escape lower back pain. I experienced sensations down my left leg at times, and I did not have the pleasure of doing normal daily activities, so I spent most of my free time laying down. Immediately after the first surgery, I felt great, the pain was completely gone, and I was able to walk around. Following the second surgery, I experienced a lot of pain in my back and at the incision. I have been walking regularly, without a walker or cane, since the second week of my recovery. When the staples came out at two weeks, I was able to feel better. Each day since I came home from the hospital has been better than the day before. The pain I experience is the tightness of my muscles, which has been improving daily as I am able to stretch and move. Overall, I am much better, and this is only six weeks after my second surgery. 05/22/2015

Since my surgery about 18 months ago, I have continued to improve physically. My last checkup was six months ago, and I was satisfied with my condition at that time. I have still improved since my last visit – bending, twisting, mobility. Dr. McCord changed my life – I am very grateful! 11/08/2016

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