Pain Management Drugs Shut Down His Liver and Kidneys

Surgeons kept telling Dale Woods his back is fine, pumping him full of narcotics that shut down his liver and kidneys. Now he's pain-free and active, telling everyone not to give up hope.

Running five days a week after back surgery

In 2003 I hurt my back. I had surgery in Alabama, but it didn’t work. The doctor kept telling me it’ll take about six months for it to get better. I kept telling him something is still wrong even after surgery, but he just kept telling me it’ll take time. After several months my back wasn’t showing much improvement, so he sent me to the pain management center. Of course after about 50 shots in the back, they finally realized nothing is going to help my back. Even the doctor at the pain center told me that my back doesn’t need to be fixed!

After the six month period was up, that back doctor told me, more or less, there’s nothing wrong with my back, he doesn’t need to see me anymore. So from 2003 to the end of 2004 I was in severe pain. I had lost feeling in both legs, I was in pain 22 out of 24 hours 7 days a week, averaging 2-3 hours a night. I was on so many muscle relaxers and pain pills I shut my kidneys and colon down and ended up in the hospital. I was at the end. I realized I couldn’t keep going like I was going. I had no hope.

Finally I found out about Dr. McCord. When I heard about him, it was like the sun was shining again. I realized this is where I need to go. Dr. McCord told me what it was going to take to fix my back. I had surgery in November of 2004. Immediately after waking up from surgery my severe back pain was gone. I knew he had fixed my back. Of course the surgery’s rough, I’m not going to say it’s not. But my back pain was gone. I have been really blessed, he did me good. He’s a very good doctor and will continue to refer people to him.

Immediately after waking up from surgery my severe back pain was gone. I knew he had fixed my back.

February of 2012 I had neck surgery by Dr. McCord. That’s how much confidence I have in him. My neck has done very, very good. Not one complaint. I’m very pleased with both my back and neck, and wouldn’t hesitate to let him do surgery on me again. Anybody that has gone down the road that I have, believing there’s no hope, you just get yourself to the right person...Dr. David McCord.

My daughter in law is a postmaster. She happened to see a girl come in the post office that had had back surgery from Dr. McCord. That’s how I found out about Dr. McCord, through this girl. Had I known about Dr. McCord a long time before I actually did, I wouldn’t had been in the shape I’d been in. I went a long time in severe pain, whenever severe pain touches you physically, mentally, you give up hope. When I found out about him, how good he was supposed to be, I was on the road to recovery right then. Just like I was led to Dr. McCord, that’s what I think, I was led.

My wife had back surgery last year. My wife is doing as good as I’m doing, she actually did better with the recovery than I did. I refer anybody up here. If someone says, “I’m not going to have back surgery,” I tell them just go talk to him. Some who have said they’ll never have back surgery but after coming up here they agree to it. I’ve talked to people that had been to Birmingham, to Memphis… “Your back can’t be fixed. Nothing can be done.” They came up here to see Dr. McCord and after he did surgery, they see how they are doing better than they ever had in their life. Everyone of them tell me, “I wish I had gotten to him sooner.” Because Dr. McCord was not a known doctor in our area, but he is now. Don’t give up hope.

After I had my back surgery a friend of mine had hurt her back. She knew I had back surgery so she called for me to come see her, because she couldn’t even get out of the house. Her husband and daughter were present at the time. I told her the back surgery was great. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. But I want you to know if you have it, the recovery’s rough. It’s the roughest thing I ever did in my life. She came up and had surgery with Dr. McCord. After she got back home from her surgery, we were going to church one Sunday morning, when we got home there was a message on our machine. She was crying, I mean screaming, and told me I had lied to her. My wife and I got in the car to go see her. The first thing out of her mouth was, “You lied to me! You told me my back would be better! I’m hurting all over!” with tears all over her face. I asked, “Is your back pain gone?” She said her back isn’t hurting, but I’m hurting all over! I reminded her that recovery is the roughest thing I ever did in my life. It just took time to get over it. If you woke up and your back pain is gone, it’s a successful surgery. Give it time. Her husband and daughter said yes, that’s exactly what I told her before.

In just a matter of a few weeks, she was outside in her flowerbed, gardening. She said it’s the best thing she ever did in her life. She has had no problems with her back, a successful surgery for her. I don’t know of one person that I referred here that has not had a successful surgery!

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