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Painting & Lifting with Minimal Pain Meds


Surgery at Southern Hills September 19th and 21st, 2013. The pain level prior to surgery would peak at about 9 or 9.5. The pain level after surgery made the "prior" levels seem petty! I am finally getting to where I can walk and stand for more reasonable periods. I take pain and muscle relaxer medications twice a day now, instead of four times a day. I anticipate recovering to where I have no limitations on my activity. Thank you, Dr. McCord. As for Southern Hills Medical Center, the service, staff, food, cleanliness was all exceptional! I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks again!


I no longer take pain pills. I bear with any pain in certain positions or situations. I am working out at home – put up siding on my woodshed, painted it. I can handle most tasks needed. Lifting is not a real problem nearly all the time. If I speak with anyone needing help with their back, I wholly recommend my doctor, David McCord. Thanks!


Since the bottom two screws have been removed, recovery has been somewhat slow but obvious that improvement is undisputed. I have not built up strength in my back from walking as there are days when I can't for scheduling reasons, or I'm in too much pain. I have had occasion where I could only walk less than 1/2 mile. Last week was the only time I am close to my orders to walk one mile a day; four of five days I walked that much or a little more. The left leg had a little phantom pain initially but went away. I did have pain in left leg a couple of times recently, but the leg was folded up while lying down, not straight. I am optimistic improvement will continue. Thanks, Doc!


Dates of surgeries: 12/12/2016, 12/14/2016 and 12/16/2016. In the last nearly 3 months, I have completed rehabilitation (2 weeks) and physical therapy (about 3 weeks). I have tried to wear the clamshell body harness daily but cannot sleep in it, and it broke 5 times. Plus, twice I had to tighten the metal pivot point below the waist. The pain has gotten better, and progress is measured by how many pain pills I have had to take (Percocet). Most days it's one, less frequently two, and rarely three. One concern is left thigh, front of leg remains numb, and hurts if impacted or stressed, but it is a little better. Standing from seated position has improved, as little effort is needed to assist with arms (pushing up), lying down causes a little pain in area of surgery, but goes away soon. I can walk a good distance and stand for a good while. I am getting better all the time. (No pain pill today – yet).

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