Pressure Released, Glad I Had the Surgery

A much different feeling coming out of the surgeries on 12/08/2015 and 12/10/2015. I felt like I wanted to be more active and moving around within 36 to 48 hours of the last surgery. Every other surgery I've been curled in a ball and in so much pain I didn't want to move. I've also been limiting the use of my cane as much as possible to keep extra pressure off of my left side for healing. Pleased that I'm moving around more and trying to be active as possible. Have had unusual sleep patterns of sleeping three to four straight days followed by awake for four days. Also, return of horrible leg pain on left side at night as well as left shoulder feeling like a torn muscle pulling across bone or metal. All of this just in the past three to four weeks. Constant migraines from halo or

brace used to secure my head for surgery, especially left side. Had bad swelling there for three to four weeks after surgery. Still fighting the posture and trying to stay aligned for healing. Feel like the brace is an obstacle at times from pushing chin downward. High hopes that as I heal, I'll notice more decrease in pain level. Glad I had the surgery as I do feel that some/a lot of pressure in my neck and between the shoulders has been released. 02/02/2016

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