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Quality of Life Back Doing My Hobbies

I am feeling better and feel like my surgery was a success. I feel like I will do better as time progresses and be as close to normal as possible. I am still sore in my hips and lower back and have leg cramps but I'm sure that's to be expected. Dr. McCord has helped me tremendously. 03/25/2015

Dr. McCord did my lumbar revision surgery in 2015 and I have been great! I am able to enjoy my previous hobbies because of the improvements made by Dr. McCord during this surgery. When I began having problems with my neck, I automatically chose to come back to Dr. McCord because of the quality of life he was able to give to me back in 2015. I love that he cares so much for each of his patients and wants the best possible outcome for them. 01/07/2020

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