Running, Lifting Weights, Playing with Children Now

Before surgery I had difficulty with long walks, standing for extended periods, bending, lying down, interacting with my kids and being intimate with my wife. Since surgery, I have been without pain, outside of post operation recovery. I am walking over two miles a day. I am able to stand for extended periods. I have not had any issues with bending or lying down. My back muscles are still sore after a long walk, and after a long day at work, but I have noticed a great improvement this past week. 12/18/2015

In the last one and a half to two months I have been able to start lifting weights, perform yardwork, run, and play with my children pain free. My back muscles are still weak, but I'm noticing a great deal of improvement each day. I have almost returned to the quality of living I had prior to my injury. 07/12/2016

Since my surgery, I have been able to resume all physical activities that I enjoyed before the injury. I routinely lift weights and have steadily built my strength and confidence up to previous levels. I am able to run and walk for long periods as well as go on long rides pain free. I would say that I am 98% of what I was before my injury. 04/03/2018

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