Shooting Pains Gone, Other Pains Reduced

I am pleased with the results I've had so far after my cervical surgery. I don't have the constant pain in my right shoulder blade that I had before surgery. I don't have the shooting pains that ran down both arms. My neck and shoulders hurt some after surgery, but it feels like muscle pain, a pulling tightness, and burning feeling, but each week this type of pain lessens. The frequent headaches are much better now. My hands have pins and needles pain now to a lesser degree, and it is intermittent. I am better off now after surgery than I was before and expect to continue improving with time. 05/31/2016

I think I'm improving in some ways after surgery. I don’t' have the sharp shooting/burning pain down my right leg anymore, just a sting now and then. The right leg still shakes but is a little better. I do have hip pain especially on the left and low backache. My left leg is numb from hip to just above the knee that is new after surgery. I think with a little more time the aching and numbness will hopefully improve more. I have pins/needles off and on down to feet, but not as often as before surgery. 09/06/2016

I am doing fairly well since surgery. The pain is much better than before surgery as I don't have the sharp pain that would run down my leg. I do have frequent low backache that gets worse when I do anything that requires bending over or getting down on the floor to clean. My neck is much better but does get stiff and sore looking down at a computer screen. I am sore today as I fell on my steps. My right leg is improved but does shake when bending over. I am pleased with my surgery results. 06/06/2017

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