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Shopping for Hours, Light Housework

Before surgery – extreme pain, numbness, tingling in back, right buttock and right leg, was taking morphine, Lortabs every day for pain and still had extreme pain. Worked job because I had to no matter how bad pain was. Gave up every outing with family because of pain. Was unable to maintain household chores because of pain – no sex life because of pain.

After surgery – still experiencing some pain and discomfort in lower back, right butt cheek and right leg but am doing light chores around house with less pain. Able to go shopping for two to three hours at a time with less pain. Depending on what I do during the day and how much I do during the day does depend on the pain level, but it has improved greatly. I am positive and I hopes that as I continue to heal the level of pain will decrease and the more I can add to my daily activities. 12/28/2015

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