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Sitting Pain-Free After 25 Years of Suffering

For the first time in 25 years, I can go fishing in a boat!! Before could not sit for more than 15 minutes without standing or moving to help with pain, but now went fishing in a boat, so no moving or standing and fished with friends for five hours. I now can sit at a table and play cards. Sounds like nothing to some people, but for me if I sat for more than 30 minutes I would be hurting for hours. Now, I play cards for hours. 11/08/2016

Thomas is doing a lot better. He doesn't take any medication for pain. He is able to do some activities in the yard that he wasn't able to do without extreme pain. He has to rest every so often, but he is excited to get to mow his own yard. Small steps for some, but major for Thomas to be able to do anything without pain! Thank you and your staff for caring enough to walk us thru each phase we went thru to get here!! 05/08/2018

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