Sleeping 8 Hours, Climbing Stairs, Getting Dressed

Finally sleeping (7 to 8 hours). Have to stay mobile. Can't sit for long periods of time. Can climb stairs to a point (once leg goes numb, I do not climb). Starting to get more limber (generally a very limber person). Getting in and out of my truck causes me issues, may have to go down in vehicle, but I do drive a full-size truck with running boards. Getting in and out of bed is easier. Getting dressed is easier. I feel like I have shrunk more-.? I hope that's not the case. Have not measured. Just scared to use too much range of motion in fear of damaging hardware. Feel pretty good most of the time, depends on how much walking I do and the grade, whether it's hilly or steep. Having a hard time sitting for long periods of time, causes needles and pain in my tailbone.

Parts are still painful sometimes when I over stretch. Main incision scar is still sore especially when stretching. I feel really good most of the time. Finding a good sleep position is still a struggle, but I am a stomach sleeper, always have been, so now I'm doing side with knee block and sometimes I catch myself in a twist which causes issues with comfort. Not sure if this is relevant information. I have always worn flipflops 24/7 with a slight heel. Now anything with a slight heel hurts my back. Flat shoes are a must. 03/21/2017

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