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Some Relief, Still Recovering

Before back surgery I was in a lot of pain, having numbness and stiffness. I couldn't move fast. It would seem as if I was going to fall. I had pain from my lower back to my left leg and just a small amount of pain in my right leg. When lifting 20-30 pounds, I would have pain shooting through my back, legs, and neck. If I turned too quick, I would have pain in my lower back and neck. Standing on concrete would cause knife/sharp pains. It was difficult to complete many daily activities without experiencing pain in both my neck and back. Some days I had to leave work due to pain in my back caused by continuously lifting and bending.

After back surgery there is some relief. I am still experiencing some pain when laying down at night, walking for long periods of time, and getting in and out of cars. I have experienced more pain in my leg and difficulty breathing. I am still unable to lift no more than 5 pounds. 01/16/2015

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