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Soreness Gone, Sleeping Better

The surgery has helped the pain running from back to foot. Left leg is weak from hip to knee. Little toe and toe beside it are no longer burning and numb. The little toe still hurts, but I am going to see podiatrist tomorrow concerning it. I am extremely sore across beltline and incisions are very tender. I'm still not sleeping much at night but hope that improves as incision tenderness goes away. Walking on blacktop to do my daily walking does not bother my back, leg, and foot. Concrete still does bother my leg and back. Getting up from seated position is difficult. That is when I feel soreness from beltline the most. 03/21/2017

Soreness in lower back is almost completely gone. Tenderness in scar is gone. Leg weakness has gotten better. Sleeping longer at night. Able to get up from sitting position better. 04/20/2017

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