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Standing Straight, Riding, Getting Back to Work

Dear Dr. McCord, I am writing this for my husband who is your greatest fan right now. He had his surgeries on 08/20/2013 and 08/22/2013. He came to you hurting with lower back pain for the past 30 years. His quality of life was very poor. We haven't even been able to drive to vacation sites the last several years due to his not being able to ride. This date has been four weeks and four days since his last surgery. He is healing well, he is standing straight, he is walking more and more and cannot wait to get back to working and having a normal way of life again. This journey has not been an easy one. James is 62 years old, but he feels better and truly feels that the disc cage surgery has helped him improve life. We feel that God placed you, Dr. McCord, in our path to help James feel human again! By the way, you have a wonderful staff! Southern Hills Hospital was a good facility, our first time there. P.S. You cannot read James' handwriting so that is why I wrote this note.


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