Stubborn Biker Resisted Back Surgery. Now He's Pain-Free.

Jonathan McVey heard all the horror stories of botched back surgeries, so he fought back pain on his own for years. Once he found a confident doctor that could fix him, he got back to work and riding motorcycles.

Been suffering with back pain for I don’t know how many years that I’ve been suffering with the pain in my back. It just got so bad I couldn’t even straighten up and walk around like I was 80, 90 years old. Needed a wheelchair to get around in, and it’d last for anywhere from three or four weeks to a couple of months at the time. My wife said I needed to go get my back checked. I wouldn’t go, just from fear of all the stories of failed back surgeries and ended up in worse shape, so I didn’t want that. At least I could move when it eased off.

She kept on, kept on, stayed on me, stayed on me and it got so bad she got telling me about Dr. McCord. Years ago he did surgery on her mother. She was in bad shape, wheelchair bound, couldn’t even walk. He operated on her, and she was up, able to walk, doing a lot better for her age.

So I looked up Dr. McCord’s website prior to surgery, because I wanted to be comfortable feeling before I came in. I looked at the patient interviews from prior times. One in particular caught my attention. He had a motorcycle wreck, he had been everywhere trying to get relief but couldn’t. He came to Dr. McCord. I sorta laughed because he said he had gotten back to work in two weeks and seven days, which would be three weeks! But he caught my attention, he had been everywhere and couldn’t get relief. I had been down the same road but I was hard headed, I wouldn’t go to a doctor. In the time my back hurt over two years I might have gone to a doctor twice and they’d tell me oh you just pulled a muscle, or this or that. Because my back pain would last two weeks to six months.

So I came in to Dr. McCord’s, got to talking to him. I told him, “Listen if you can’t do nothing for me, I don’t want to waste your time or my time, just let me know. He said, “Oh no, we can fix it.” I went through all the testing, MRI...he said yeah you definitely need work done on your lower back. My first day of surgery was on a Tuesday. Second part on a Thursday. Two weeks after that I was back at work! People couldn’t believe I could be back and work that quick after major back surgery.

“Listen if you can’t do nothing for me, I don’t want to waste your time or my time, just let me know. He said, “Oh no, we can fix it.”

Right after I came back for a checkup after surgery, asking him what activities I can do. He said I can do whatever I want, you’re body will tell you what you can and cannot do right now. He told me right at the beginning you can’t mess up what we just fixed. You can’t mess it up. You’re body will tell you if you try to do something it can’t, it’ll hurt.

Two part surgery, the second day when I come out of recovery...I could tell right then there was no pain in my legs. The only pain I had was from the surgery itself. There was instant relief! Went back in two days later, he did the second part of the surgery on my back. At home I did what he told me as far as walking and walking the soreness out. Two weeks later I was back at work full time, walking around on concrete, just doing my normal daily activities. No lifting and all. It’s hard to believe I don’t even know how long that pain lasted because it felt so much better than the pain I was in prior to surgery.

At the end of this month will be a year since he performed that surgery. I do anything I want now. Jump, run, jog, pickup, ride my motorcycle all the time. It’s my primary mode of transportation. If it’s not raining I’m on it. Lifting...I’m a maintenance manager mechanic so I’m laying, lifting, twisting, up down. I have absolutely no pain after the surgery, so I have been well pleased with what has happened and over the course of this last year unbelievable results with the pain. Knowing I suffered for years instead of going through that couple of three months, but then it’s all gone. There’s no pain, no soreness. It’s hard to believe I went from that kind of pain to none. The time I put up with hurting and not listening to my wife, being hard headed...cause I’m one that don’t like taking pain pills, I don’t like going to the doctor or hospitals, I just like doing my thing. I put it off for years and years hurting and struggling, causing pain not realizing it was hurting the rest of the family picking up what I couldn’t do. I couldn’t perform like I needed to a work on my job. So people had to pickup for me there.

This last year, everybody that knew me I was having pain until now...they couldn’t believe the results. I’ve told several people that’s complaining about their back. They can play with other doctors, let them shave off a side of something, or whatever...few months later they’re hurting again. They say I can’t believe this! I say go see Dr. McCord. He worked on me one time, and I have not had any pain since. If you’ve got back problems and don’t come see Dr. McCord, you’re just putting off making your life enjoyable and getting rid of the pain. It’s great!

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