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Surgery Was a Blessing

Pain is much better. Walking great. Doing wonderful.


I'm doing great. Surgery fixed my problem. Just haven't got all my strength back but it's getting there. Still hurt driving a long way. Pain is much better. Walking great. Doing wonderful. Thank you.


I'm doing great. Just my muscles hurt but my back is fixed but will exercise more and get stronger. Love you guys and girls. You're the best. I went back to work, and they put me on the hardest job. I lasted 30 minutes and then they worked me 33 days on a different job straight and then I asked to be moved that I couldn't handle it and they did a better position, and I was able to manage with little to moderate pain with medications, now I'm doing good now, better job.


Doing good. A little sore in middle of back sometimes. Overall surgery was a blessing. Thank you.

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