Surprised How Quickly I Healed

I am sleeping better at night. My back isn't slipping to the right, and I feel more stable. My balance is better. My knees began aching after weaning from the pain meds and woke me up at night. I have completed the series of shots, cortisone, and hyaluronic acid/Dr. Elrod. I wear out around 8 p.m. at night and my legs and back ache. I am managing pain with Epsom salt baths, exercise, walking, and muscle soothing creams. I use a full body heat/vibrating pad in bed going to sleep. I wear tight fitting pants (yoga/workout) and a belly band for support, which helps with pain in lower back and knees. My moods have improved, and I am walking and standing better.

I also have a waist heating pad I wear in the evening when the lower back aches. I use support to get up and down from seating positions and getting out of car. I notice more discomfort in lower back. My hips have healed well as well as my scars. I am overall surprised with how quickly I am healing after such invasive surgeries. I eat well and am committed to exercise and natural solutions in healing my body. My energy continues to increase, but I do wear out easily and sit and rest to not overdo. 05/15/2018

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