Symptoms Gone, Feel Like Given a New Life

All the symptoms of pain that I was experiencing before surgery are gone. No hip pain, back, or burning sensation in right leg. I'm still working on gaining strength and flexibility but am progressing well. Am very satisfied with Dr. McCord and my results. Have been hiking daily and just waiting to be sure about trying to go play golf again without causing any problems from my procedures. Feel like a man given a new life again. Thank you! 10/13/2016

I had surgery December 2018. Main complaints at the time were stabbing pains in lower back when bending or twisting, electrical pains across my lower back, pain shooting down both legs. As of today, 02/18/2019, pain is completely gone. Other than regaining strength and flexibility, am feeling great. Highly recommend Dr. McCord, his ability, and also great staff. 02/28/2019

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