Trusting Dr. McCord Was My Smartest Decision Ever

So many people warned me of fusion: that it would not work, that I'd actually be worse off, that after a couple years I'd be back in the same situation. Well, here I am 6-1/2 years postop and still going strong. I have been able to get back into life, though my life is a bit different. I am smarter about how I use my back now, remembering all I went through before surgery. Dr. McCord jumped through a lot of hoops and red tape to get my back fixed, so out of respect for him and his effort I am more careful, I move smarter, and realize that I have a new "normal" now, but it is a happy and pain free "normal". Dual fusion, trusting Dr. McCord, was the smartest decision I could ever have made. 03/12/2019

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