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Upright MRI Found What Doctors Missed for 15 Years

I was in pitiful shape my first trip to see Dr. McCord. I could hardly walk, sit, and could only get some relief when I laid down. Going to rehab has also helped a lot in getting my body to move again. Basically, I had been down between 10 to 15 years. My walking is finally starting to come back. Before meeting Dr. McCord, I had seen many doctors in the Florence area and in Huntsville. I've had several MRIs, the flat kind, and many x-rays that showed nothing. Ben and I were thrilled to see this MRI that finally showed that I did have a problem. We recommend Dr. McCord to anybody that says they have a back problem. Dr. McCord and all of his staff is so kind and friendly and easy to work with. 10/27/2014

I am a happy patient of Dr. McCord. Before I met Dr. McCord I was in intense lower back pain. I had gotten to the point I was housebound because of the pain. I would walk from the bedroom to the bathroom to the couch and later I would go back the other way. Going to church, shopping, housework, playing with the grandkids was out of the question. After I met with Dr. McCord and his wonderful MRI machine, the problem finally showed up. I had had 3 (I think) MRIs at difference places, but nothing showed up. Dr. McCord's MRI machine let me sit up and it showed the problem. I cried the whole time, but it was well worth it to finally know I was going to get some help. The surgery was a 2-day process but well worth it. When I left the hospital, I had the normal soreness from being worked on but the unbearable pain in the back was gone. I couldn't wait to tell friends about this wonderful doctor and his staff. One dear friend has already been here and had surgery. He was in the bed about 22 hours a day but

is now out walking, driving, and even going hunting. WOW. I am here today because of some nerve pain in my right cheek and leg. I got 2 shots and was instructed to let them know if it continues. I am so grateful to know I am at the right place. 05/30/2014

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