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Upright MRI Healed My Screaming Pain

Hardware removal, March 2013. The hardware had become "loose" after tripping incident on sidewalk, experienced very bad nerve pain, at times screaming on vibration in car ride. Just as Dr. McCord said, removal of the hardware resolved the pain. I am back to level after recovering from the original surgery and fusion (February 2010). Before that surgery, I felt hopeless as multiple doctors didn't diagnose my degenerative disc. I was sent to Fonar MRI by another doctor for another reason. I decided to go to Dr. McCord and repeat MRIs of my spine in weightbearing position resulting in proper diagnosis and treatment including removal of three discs and lumbar fusion. I recommend the Fonar upright to everyone! I'm not 100% in that I need to lie down several times during the day. The level of activity determines the resulting symptoms. I can live with the symptoms I have now, but without the surgery and help from Dr. McCord, I was desperate to handle the pain. Much gratitude and appreciation to Dr. McCord. 08/04/2014

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