Walking Better & Standing Straight

I was very active until 04/20/2005. I was at work and bent down to pick up trays off the floor when a sharp pain went through my back. I went to Summit Medical Center and was referred to Dr. McCord. I needed surgery because two bottom discs had shattered, and I was falling down. The first surgery helped until I returned to work and had to have a second surgery. Dr. McCord tried everything in his power to help me achieve my activities, but with roadblocks from DWCP hindered the process. Dr. McCord did not want me to return to operating machines, but I felt I was ready. Wrong idea. A third surgery was needed. Now, I am on permanent restrictions, which has helped me to recover. The healing process is slow but steady. If I could do it again, I would still let Dr. McCord do the surgery, I would not rush to return to work. I have good days and bad days, but as long as I am not allowed to return to regular work, I will be okay. 12/20/2013

Before 11/18/2014, I was in pain and could not stand up straight. Pain was in lower back and down left leg. As of 01/09/2015, I feel much better. I am stiff in the morning when I wake up, but after moving around the stiffness goes away. After surgery right knee is numb and when _____ feels like a thousand needles are striking. I am walking better than before. I have to watch how far I walk because my left leg and top of left foot burns and my right knee burns. Also, if I stand awhile, I get the same symptoms. My back only hurts when I overdo walking or standing. 01/09/2015

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