Walking & Driving Without Pain

Please compare this last surgery (10/07/2014) to surgery in 1991. I was flat on my back before the first surgery. It was an 8-1/2-hour surgery. It took me a year and a half to get over it. I never wanted to have another back surgery. I was in the hospital three days with the second surgery. I was back to work two weeks after I was out of the hospital. The pain and suffering following the second surgery is like a drop in the bucket compared to the first surgery. I am thankful for the immense improvement in the surgical procedures. 11/17/2014

Before surgery I could not walk but just a little distance (100ft). My legs would begin to feel like they had concrete blocks tied to them. I can now walk a mile with no side effects. Before surgery I could only drive approximately 12 miles and back of my thighs would hurt bad. I can now drive for a couple hours and the back of my right thigh may hurt a little for sometime it stops on its own. Much much better.

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