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Walking & Exercising, Improving Mobility

Before Surgery: Severe sciatica, unable to work, perform simple chores at home, lift any weight heavier than a gallon of milk, pain in upper spine and neck, constant lower back pain. Post-Surgery: No pain in back, neck, or shoulders other than postoperative muscle spasms that radiate on occasion around to my stomach area. This pain has gone down my legs to my knees a couple of times but not within the past three weeks. Not being able to sleep has been an issue; however, this is beginning to resolve itself. Thank you and your staff for your attentiveness and excellent medical care!! 02/02/2015

Before making an appointment with Dr. McCord, I obtained opinions from two other doctors. One of these being an orthopedic surgeon with the other being a neurosurgeon. The orthopedic surgeon performed a complete spinal x-ray that indicated I have degenerative disc disease the full length of my spine. It was then I made an appointment with Dr. McCord for a third opinion. After performing the MRI, he found a number of failed discs as well as scoliosis and arthritis. Dr. McCord determined it would take three separate surgical procedures to correct my spinal issues. After surgery, it took a couple of months for me to recover from the surgeries and a bout with diverticulitis. As for my recovery process, when I was able to begin walking on a regular basis and perform exercises prescribed by Dr. McCord, I began to experience improved mobility. While I still cannot stand for over 10 minute or sit for over 30 minutes, these issues continue to slowly improve with time. In summary, the bouts of sciatica and other related issues I experienced before surgery are no longer an issue. While I continue to have pain in the thoracic and cervical regions of my spine, medication prescribed by my primary physician is helping manage what for most days is chronic pain. The professional and compassionate attention afforded by Dr. McCord and his staff is much appreciated. 05/06/2015

Please excuse the typing of this letter. This will remove stress and possible misery in your attempts at reading my terrible handwriting. It's been two years since I had surgery. I'm doing great! I still have occasional pain on the left side next to my lower spine in my upper hip area. This is a muscle that hurts if I bend too much. I discussed this with Dr. McCord, telling him cortisone shots help. He told me if this becomes too much of an issue, he could block the nerve that is in all likelihood the culprit. If I stand for a long period of time, I have stiffness when I sit. After 15 or so minutes of sitting, I'm fine. I don't consider either of the above-mentioned issues a problem. Given the condition of my back before surgery, I'm elated with the results. Dr. McCord also repaired a failed back surgery my wife, Carol, experienced some eight years ago. She too recovered and as she said, "I have my life back". I'll repeat what I've said several times during office visits. We've been so fortunate to have experienced the professional compassionate care not only from Dr. McCord but also from the nurses and staff in your office. Many thanks for all you've done for me and Carol! 11/30/2016

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